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Why extend?

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There are many good reasons to extend your home. You might have outgrown your home and need more space for a growing family. You might want to develop your home for profit. You might just want to alter and improve your home to meet today’s changing lifestyle. Extending your home is not like buying a new car or holiday. It is a sound investment for the future.

Remove the stress of moving

Of course, you can just move to a larger property. Moving house is generally regarded as one of the most stressful experiences you can have. Do you really want to put yourself through that? Months of chasing solicitors and estate agents, broken chains, last minute disappointments, removals, moving your children to new schools, leaving your friends and neighbours behind. All of this can be avoided by simply extending the home that you already own.
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Cheaper alternative

A large proportion of our work is for clients that need more space but are put off moving house due to the high cost of fees and taxes. Did you realise that moving house will typically cost in excess of £30,000 just in fees and taxes. This money will never be recovered. To avoid these costs the only sensible alternative is to extend. By extending your current house you often end up in profit as the increase to the value of your home will typically exceed the cost of the building work.

What could you do?

• Add a new bedroom for your growing family
• Larger living room for family events
• Add a home office to avoid that commute
• Convert your loft into a spacious bedroom
• Add a ground floor toilet or en-suite bathroom
• Enlarge your kitchen for a more enjoyable cooking experience
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How much would moving really cost?

Information based on a typical house value of £500,000

Selling costs:

Estate Agent fee 1.5% + VAT £9,000
Legal fees (selling) £1,500

Buying costs:

Stamp duty £15,000
Legal fees (buying) £1,500
Mortgage arrangement fee £1,000
Survey fees £1,000
Removal fees £1,000

Example total cost of moving £30,000

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